Our Social Media Marketing Service:

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts done for you!

There are not many businesses without a Social Media presence these days. Most have at least a Facebook page, and many also have a presence on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, the most popular Social Media sites. Why? Well, here are just some of the many potential benefits for your business of adopting Social Media Marketing as part of your marketing mix:

  • it allows you to communicate directly and at nil or very low cost to existing customers;
  • it allows you to do the same to their friends, or people like them;
  • it allows you to build up a following who will broadcast your message out to their followers if they like your posts;
  • it can make Google and other search engines rank your web site higher for your most important keywords (the words people use when searching for your type of business or service).

All of this can add up to significant competitive advantage for your business, especially if your competitors have been slow off the mark in getting to grips with Social Media Marketing themselves. More relevant visits and targetted traffic to your website (or physical business premises) all adds up to significantly more money coming into your business, if you've done it right.

However, as you may already know if you've tried it for yourself, keeping on top of daily Facebook posts, Twitter posts, adding photos and so on can seriously eat into the working day of you or one of your staff members - and this may well be time that you simply can't afford to spend on Social Media Marketing.

But if you don't post at least daily you might as well not bother - you won't see the benefits that we've listed above. So, what to do?

We have the solution!

We'll do all your posting for you, and the posts will look like they come from you!

We write a minimum of four tweets per day, five days a week and/or two posts per day five days a week for Facebook and LinkedIn.

The content is made up of your core sales messages including testimonials, as well as hints, tips, facts and trivia about your industry, your products and services. Our writers research industry-specific information as well as writing content based on a comprehensive Business Profile that we complete, your website and anything relevant our team find.

All this content is scheduled at least 7 days ahead, and we give you access to our control panel so that you and your team can review, edit, delete and add to the content that we have prepared, including scheduling in your own images.

To see a demo version of our Control Panel for social media posts, just click here and log in with your e-mail address and the password demo1.

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