Choosing a Relevant Business Name

It might sound like stating the blindingly obvious, but the name for your business, if you haven't already chosen it, needs to be as relevant as possible to the type of business you're in.  Why?  Well, if you haven't come across the idea of "Keywords" before, imagine you were doing a search on Google for the product or service your business offers. What would you type in?  Whatever you just typed in is a "search query" in computer jargon, and was possibly one, but probably two, three or more words long. Regardless of how many words there were in your search query, each unique search query is collectively known as a "Keyword". Google (or Bing, or whichever Search Engine you prefer) uses those Keywords to try and understand what you are looking for, and then shows you a list of web pages that it thinks might match what you're looking for.  The results pages you are shown, known as Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs for short) will also have some advertising from companies that Google thinks may offer services relevant to your query. Hmm, relevant.  We're going to be coming across that word a lot, as it is crucial to good performance for your website in the SERPs.

For example, if you were running an internet dating site, a good name for the business would be "Dating Site", because that is also often likely to be the words that someone would type into Google to find a... dating site!  Unfortunately the chances of being able to use a name that is also a very competitive keyword are remote - someone will almost certainly have beaten you to it.  But if you use some ingenuity and brainstorm for ideas, and use Google's Keyword Tool you should be able to come up with a name that isn't already taken, that has some reasonable search traffic estimates for your target country or countries (otherwise why bother!) - and that will be relevant to your business.

In short, while you may be really attached to the business name you have chosen, if it doesn't contain Keywords that someone would type into Google to find your sort of business then maybe think of changing it to one that would be found.  It costs nothing, and could boost the online visibility of your business significantly.

Here in the UK, even if you have set up a limited company, you can still trade under any other business name you want, as long as you aren't trying to pass your business off as another one that trades under that name, and as long as you make it clear that you are a limited company on your website and your stationary.  For example, Harvest Agencies Ltd also trades as Snappy Titles, our publishing division.

The best of all worlds is when the trading name of your business, plus the domain name or names that you use for your website(s) and plus the Limited Company name (if you are going to have one) all match Keywords relevant to your business - and not necessarily the same Keywords.

You can check if a limited company name you want is available at the Companies House website.

You can see if any matching domain names are available at (sponsored link)

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Steve Gibbs, Dip JEB PGCE PGDE MBA Director and CEO

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